The Cave Paintings of Trois Freres

Helpless romantics dream of traveling to France for a number of reasons. The country is quite well-known for its romantic places and atmosphere. But did you know that there’s more to see in France aside from the lovely romantic places? Yes, that’s true and one is the cave paintings of Trois Freres.

Not all individuals appreciate paintings. Oftentimes, it depends on the person’s taste and interests. If you’re interested in cave paintings, you can also find some of them in France. Trois Freres shows fascinating images about the people of prehistoric times. Visiting the cave is like exploring the world many years ago. You can learn a lot from the paintings, but only if you appreciate them.

Though people lived primitively thousands of years ago, they seem to know quite a lot. They knew about the different patterns and seasons of life. The seasonal variations and their food supplies are the determining factors between living or dying. The cave paintings in France show this great knowledge about the ancestors of the French people.

Translated in English, Trois Freres means Three Brothers. The paintings on the cave show indistinct images of animals and certain figures which experts believe to be a shaman. Trois Freres attracted international attention because of the depictions in the cave. The paintings are found in the far corners of the cave and so you have to go deeper to be able to get a good glimpse of such a work of art.

The paintings have a graphical nature and was skillfully drawn. You can easily make out the figures to be beasts and cattle surrounding a high figure that reaches the cave roof. This central figure is about 70 cm or 2 1/2 ft tall and appears to be half human and half animal. The figure has deer antlers and wears a mask with an eye of an owl. Below the mask is a beard and the hands are hidden within bear paws or lion paws. The back of the figure can be compared to that of a certain animal and somehow it appears that the figure is wearing an animal skin of some sort. The figure has an erect penis covered by a fox tail.

Experts called the figure ‘Animal Master’ and if you want to see the picture of the cave painting, you can go to France or you can search the net and simply type the words ‘Trois Freres’. Find a link that will show you the painting itself. You can use any of the popular search engines in order to get a glimpse of the cave painting.

If you try to conduct a research on the net, you can read many speculations and comments about the cave painting. The painting is like the sketchpad of the prehistoric people. Animals or beasts were drawn on top of one another. Experts believed that the paintings are more than 14,000 years old or even longer.

Today, painters and other artists treat art as a process. It is the expression, recording, and reflection of the divine or inner nature of the artist. But did the primitive artists view art in the same way? Perhaps there’s more to their drawings that what modern experts and artists can understand.

You can find other cave paintings in Asia and in Europe. To better understand the paintings, just allow your imagination to take over.


The history of 3D Printer Technology

One of the most exciting technological advances in modern history has been the introduction of 3d printing technology. It’s opening pages has allowed for an entirely new level of cost effectiveness and quality to enter into the printing process. 3d printing, also known as “umbrella printing” or “cloud printing,” has literally revolutionized industrial printing. The advantages of this form of printing are numerous, but we’ll only be looking at a few of them here. In fact, understanding just how this form of printing came to be can help you make an even better decision about what type of printers are right for your business.

To understand what 3d printer history is all about, you first have to understand how rapid prototyping and other similar technologies came to be in the first place. Rapid prototyping, which was born out of the realization that using computer aided design, or CAD, for designing actual physical products, could cut production costs. After the advent of rapid prototyping, additive technology was used to create physical prototypes. These were designed and tested over a period of time until the desired end product was finally acceptable. Once the product was approved, production could begin.

Rapid prototyping, like 3d printing, was the brainchild of hackers. These creative individuals had been exploring the possibility of using computer aided design programs, or CAD, to construct products in real life. What they found was that they could apply these programs to many different forms of art and get highly complex structures like furniture or car parts to appear more life-like through the use of digital designs. Because of their success in accomplishing these goals, they were able to apply CAD to manufacturing, and thus the birth of the modern 3d printer. They used these new tools to construct actual parts of products, and to test them for quality before they went on to sell them.

In addition to using rapid prototyping to help create parts of items, architects and designers also turned to this technology for helping them visualize their final product on a piece of real property. When designing an interior design or layout for a building or room, an architect may use 3d printing to create the topographical details of the room. The topography can be viewed in a 3d format and can be projected onto a wall, or else be printed on a piece of transparent plastic or acrylic. The effect is of a three dimensional image, which is much more realistic than the flat image produced by a computer. This kind of image can then be composited with photographs for creating a virtual preview of the finished product.

The concept of using plastic filament was also developed during the beginnings of 3d printing technology. By using two pieces of thin filament, printed with different thicknesses, an observer can create a silhouette of any shape. In the case of this printer history, this effect was used to create parts of a model, like the nose, mouth, and horns of a motorcycle. The effect was achieved by heating the two pieces of filament in a heated dryer until they printed with identical thicknesses.

Before the advent of this type of printer, engineers and designers needed to rely on a variety of tools and techniques to generate accurate slices. One such method was to manually flip the filament over to check for any imperfections or raised areas. Another method was to determine the center point of the object by raising the ink needle to the exact middle and inspecting the area that are between the nozzle and the surface of the object. One potential drawback of this method was that it required the operator to move the printer closer or further from the surface that requires inspection, potentially causing user fatigue. This is a minor drawback when one considers the level of accuracy that can now be obtained from digital printers.

This brings us to the final component of the 3d printing process, the layer. The layers are constructed of a variety of materials ranging from plastic, ceramic, wood, and metal to name a few. They are fused together using a particular type of fusion paper which provides the support, adhesion, and heat resistance necessary to hold the objects in place. In the past, layering was accomplished by cutting individual layers from sheets of tracing paper, although this method often resulted in a paper lighter than the surrounding layers. After several layers had been fused together, the layer referred to as the topmost layer served as an additional barrier to retard any further bonding occurring and to prevent smoke from escaping from the printer.

This revolutionary technique called solid-state electronics allowed for a significant increase in the quality and accuracy of products produced by modern 3d printers. The introduction of electronic chips also dramatically changed the economics of 3d printing. The advent of plastics produced a profound change in the marketplace; plastics are widely considered to be the most cost effective of all 3d printer material. In addition, the onset of computer numerical controlled (CNC) technology has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. These technologically advanced machines permit the designing and production of intricate works of art and other materials.

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Youth The Concepts Behind Christian Mentoring

The process of guiding and mentoring people is a highly delicate one: mentors need to be able to allow their protégés to progress and get out of their shells, but they have to strike the balance between directing the movements of their followers while still allowing these fledglings time to find the strength of their own wings and fly with their own will. One such form of mentoring is Christian mentoring, in which a Christian looks after a protégé who may or may not be a Christian, but who will benefit from the strength and wisdom of the older or more experienced person.


One such mentoring relationship, at least in the Christian sense, is that between a senior pastor and his junior. The former will guide the younger in speaking the voice of God, and in bringing a sense of unity and Christian goodness to a flock. Another such Christian mentoring relationship is that between parents and children, where Christian parents have to guide their children in following the Christian way of living. Christian mentoring, therefore, is the passing down and sharing of knowledge and wisdom by someone who is an expert in a field, and with the precepts and principles of Christianity guiding the mentor and protégé.


In general, Christian mentoring programs will help people guide those who are younger than they in living a Christian way of life. Some mentoring programs will even exhort would-be or aspiring mentors to do two things at the onset: find a good mentor who will pass down knowledge and get an aspiring mentor started on good living and good Christian teachings; and, at nearly the same time, find a protégé who might benefit from your teaching and wisdom further down the line. Once these two persons are identified, a would-be or aspiring mentor is exhorted to be as creative as possible in meeting such people. These meetings might be as simple as stopping over at someone’s house, meeting over for coffee, or having dinner together.


Another way for the mentor and protégé to meet is through a shared hobby. Such a hobby might include running, biking, writing poetry, reading books, or even cooking. Despite the image of intense and sometimes alienating spirituality attached to Christian mentoring, many Christian mentoring programs are actually more about building a stronger relationship between mentor and protégé. The shared hobby may actually be a simple beginning: many mentors will share tasks with their protégés, such as smaller jobs at one’s office, training the protégé in various tasks, or simply listening to the protégé talk.


What makes Christian mentoring unique, however, is its emphasis on things that would otherwise make people appear vulnerable in the secular arena. For instance, mentors and protégés are required to listen to each other intently, and to avoid speaking about oneself as much as possible in order to learn better. Second, mentors and protégés are required to be as real and as truthful to each other as possible. Honesty is certainly the best policy in Christian mentoring, and if a protégé is feeling down, awkward, unwanted, or simply out of sorts, he or she is encouraged to talk to his or her mentor and humbly ask for guidance.


There are many different kinds of Christian mentoring programs out there. If you need more information, talk to your local Christian pastor, or do research over the Internet. Many such mentoring programs also have their own websites and mailing lists that can make it easier for you to read about their activities and enroll in their program.


Life Of An Anti Virus Program

The millions viruses costs companies each time they strike. It is however not only companies that are suffering
from the damages caused by viruses. A virus can be just as damaging if not more for a private Internet user by destroying important documents, family pictures and everything else you keep on your computer. Therefore should no home computer be without a good virus protection software. This way you can protect your computer and yourself from loosing data, corrupted hard drives and a number of other problems.

There are several anti virus programs available of which some are free and some are not. You should however always remember that you might get what you paying for, meaning that the service and the updates might be better for the paid alternatives and thereby protect your computer better.


Anti Virus Programs

When making backup keep in mind that the keeper of it is very important. If you store the backup on your hard drive the chances for it to be damaged are big. They are even bigger when using floppy diskettes or CDs. One good way could be a fast ftp access or on other Internet location that is secured, big enough and fast enough for your needs. The system checking is another opportunity to analyze possible problems with your software or hardware components.

Every Windows system has tools designed to help you on that matter. On the market you can find some more advanced software too provided from Symantec or other software corporations.
The system registry is another part of your system you should know about.

It is made to keep almost every option that software and hardware use to work. Many programs could help you clean it up and tune up your system but you should know that sometimes this could be dangerous because if you damage a critical segment of your registry data the system may crush or some of your software could not work properly.

Many problems could arise when you work with software and that’s why Microsoft made some troubleshooting ways to keep their users informed of many issues that people are having. Always start with the help section of the software that you thing is not working properly.

Try to reinstall it and then search the web for your problem. This should become a routine when you fight your way through a problem. Information is the most power tool you could ever have. Try to inform yourself on the best possible way before reaching out for solutions which could take much time or even cause more problems.

Usually there is a way to repair your installation by using the add/remove programs section of your system tools in the control panel of your system. The software most of the time works together to help you move data and operate on every level you need but this could also contribute for some problems to arise.

There are system parts that are shared by many programs and if there is a problem there many programs could ask for repair and give you error messages with code or simple signs. If there is an error you don’t understand you can ask professional or search for it on the web. The first one is system scan.

Scan means analysis and it is in fact a base of rules software uses to analyze possible problems with the system. Hard disk defragmentation is another term. Defragmentation is a process that reduces the fragments of the data that is stored on your hard drive. You could let it do the work during the night when you are sleeping.

You could also make it as a schedule task and by doing this you will let the system defragmenting the disk for example every week on time that is good for you. Anti virus keep in mind that your system partition should have a top priory when beginning defragmentation.




The Mini PC Advantages

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake the HP Pavilion Wave as just another stylish portable laptop or handheld digital assistant. However, it is really both of those things, but then again, it’s also a mini PC crammed with lots of handy features. And that very unique form factor serves a very practical purpose on a desktop as well. So, let’s talk about the benefits of this unique design.

First off, lets talk about the size. At just under 3 inches, the touch screen is small enough to fit in your hand when you’re playing a computer game. It also has a high density pixel display, which means you get good clear pictures and crisp sound. Contrast that to the typical portable laptop, which can be several inches thick and weigh several pounds. The touch screen on the mini PCs is significantly smaller than the competition, so the text on the screen is sharp and crisp – even on the cheapest models.

Next up is the price. Like many other mini PCs, the best one on the market today is an Intel compute stick. With six megapixels for the most detailed graphics, along with two gigabytes of RAM and a terabyte hard drive, an Intel compute stick can easily rival high end laptops such as the MacBook Pro, Sony VAIO, and others for the best price. While the prices are comparable, what sets them apart is the incredible price difference between the bundled models and the stand alone models. Add to that the bundled wireless adapter, and you’ve just made a great entertainment system for a lot less money.

Streamlining your workspace is an important benefit of the touch screen on the mini PC. Not only is it perfect for streaming a movie, streaming an HD video, streaming a music file, or editing a picture – you can do so much more with it. For example, you could use it to quickly perform basic productivity tasks like web browsing, internet chatting, and emailing – all while watching a movie. If you’re into PowerPoint, then there’s plenty of functionality here as well.

What about streaming a movie? With this technology, you get high definition video and sound quality in your desktop replacement. The best mini is for movies are powered by the quad-core Intel Bay Trail processor and the integrated HD Graphics 400. Add in enough memory and you can start streaming full-length movies in a matter of minutes. And just think about all the possibilities – you could start streaming live sports games!

The mini pc’s integrated optical audio jack offers excellent connectivity options. With all of the new gadgets on the market today, it’s easy to forget that some of them require an adapter for your laptop. The best mini PCs incorporate DVI/DVI-D inputs, so you can easily connect your iPod, iPhone, or other portable media player to your computer. You’ll also find several standard audio connectors (HDMI, RCA, optical), as well as Firewire and USB ports, so you can connect your home theater system to your laptop and enjoy the crystal clear sound.

Mini PC computers are just as powerful as desktop replacements, but they lack the extra oomph created by the beefier models. But don’t let the small size and simple design fool you – the low-end models offer lots of power in a small package. You’ll find a generous amount of memory and processing power, as well as standard graphics and video output options. Don’t forget that when you’re working on streaming media, you need to have access to high-speed internet. In fact, if you’re into home entertainment, then you’re probably going to need an external DVD/CD player/source as well as a good, high-speed wireless network. With the right mini PC, you can get all this done with the right accessories.

For basic use, the cheapest mini PCs typically offer integrated graphic card options. However, with an integrated graphics card and decent RAM, you should be able to get quite a bit of basic performance. Other common options include a standard hard drive and/or solid state drive (SSD). Depending on how often you plan to store movies, music, or photos, you may decide to upgrade to one of the latest advancements in technology-the mini is with a large hard drive and multiple gigabytes (gigabytes) of memory.


How you can find the cheapest USB Stick

Finding the cheapest USB stick is possible these days. If you know where to look, you can find one for under twenty bucks, sometimes even less. The price of USB sticks has come down considerably since they were first introduced and released. There are so many different manufacturers of these little drives that the competition has driven the prices down.

So how do you go about finding the cheapest USB stick? You could purchase one from a company or manufacturer. Or you could look online. You should never buy a USB drive from a company unless you know for sure that they are trustworthy. There is no way to tell this unless you ask a few people. Also, you should never pay for anything without looking at the product first, because sometimes companies slap on pretty colorful advertisements just to get your attention and then surprise you with prices that are much lower than you thought.

You can buy USB sticks at department stores like Walmart and Target. Department stores usually have older inventory that is in their boxes. These are cheap USB sticks that have never been used before and because they haven’t gone out of date, they have not been damaged.

The best place to buy a USB stick is from someone who is either a computer user or an IT pro. Someone who knows what they are doing and will either be able to test your stick with your current data (if you provided it) or give you advice on which drive is best. You want to make sure that the USB stick has enough memory chips so that you can save your most current data. Most of the time the computer user will just plug the stick into the USB port of the computer and then transfer whatever information they have on it.

However, there are some computer users who need to have their data on one of these things forever. For these people, buying a USB stick is the only way to go. They either keep their memory chips in a drawer somewhere or they ship them off to their storage device. Some people even keep USB sticks on hand at all times so that they can use them when needed. These people are usually the ones who don’t know what to do with their old data so they keep buying new drives until they run out.

You can get a USB Stick for cheap if you know where to look. eBay is a great place to check because you can browse through the different items and get an idea of what is going for the lowest price. If you are on a tight budget, there are other places you can look as well. Online sites like Amazon offer many different sizes and types of USB sticks. They carry both brand new and refurbished USB sticks so you have the option of getting a much lower price.

However, you have to watch out for USB drives with damaged drives. It would be better if you buy one that came with some kind of data protection. This way you can protect your data against data loss. You can also buy data protection devices separately. A good tip though, is to buy one that can fit on top of your existing drive. This way your data will be protected against disasters such as floods or earthquakes.

A USB stick is a great way to transfer large files and pictures to your computer. Since most people have at least one of these devices now, you will always have one ready when you need it. There are many options when looking for the cheapest USB stick. You should compare prices between online stores to see the best deal. Also look for coupons and sales.


Personal Computer PC Information That All Users Should Have

Personal Computer. A personal computer consists of a microprocessor, which includes the operating system, digital electronic instructions, arithmetic and logic circuitry on an integrated circuit, hard drive, and storage medium. The PC is connected to a monitor, keyboard, and printer for input/output functions. In personal computers, a processor generally performs much of the arithmetic and logical operations that are necessary for running applications. A word processor, on the other hand, composes text or data and interprets it into meaningful form.

Personal Computer Operating System. The PC operating system stores data in a nonvolatile memory such as the non volatile memory dump (NVRAM). The PC operating system can be a Unix-like Linux, Microsoft Windows, or a Mac compatible operating system.

Hard Drive. The PC stores its data in a hard disk or solid state drive. It can either have a fixed size or vary with the time and space available. Most personal computers have one hard disk in their standard configuration. Larger personal computers have more than one hard disk in case of an upgrade or when more than one user will utilize the computers at the same time.

Notebook Computer. Similar to the personal computer, the notebook computers are small and portable. Many people today use notebook computers instead of personal computer for the purpose of e-mailing, writing documents, checking emails, surfing the Internet, chatting, video conferencing, playing games, listening to music, etc. Notebook computers are ideal for individuals who want to carry information with them everywhere they go.

Operating System. Microsoft Windows is one of the most widely used operating system software for Windows-based notebooks and PC’s. Apple Macintosh and Linux based operating systems can also be used in notebook computers. Notebooks usually come with a standard operating system software that runs on the laptop like Microsoft Windows.

Application Software. Another software package that comes along with the laptop is application software. This is a suite of programs designed to help the PC operate. Some examples of application software are the Microsoft Office Suite of programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Computer Network. The computer network is made up of the Local Area Network or LAN. This is a group of local area networks or LANs interconnected through a physical or logical connection. The internet is considered to be part of the local network. Laptop personal computers connect to the network via a wired or wireless connection.

Notebook Laptops are expensive. Laptops can be a great investment for business owners who travel a lot or are located in out of the way places. However, cheap laptops may find their way into the hands of people who use them only for their gaming needs. For business owners, cheap laptops can be an investment. With proper maintenance and care, you can get a laptop that lasts a long time.

Personal Computer Central processing unit. The central processing unit or CPU is the brains of the personal computers. The CPU is fast but not reliable. Business owners may find the CPU a good investment because it can save on paper and printing costs. However, cheap personal computers may have similar processors as the central processing unit.

Computer System Memory. This is where the computer system draws its virtual computers, or terminals. The number of virtual terminals depend on the number of input data entered into the computer system. Cheap laptops may have a low-end system memory, but if you buy a high-end laptop, it will have superior input data processing capability.

Computer Hardware. The main component of the personal computer is the central processing unit or CPU. The CPU holds the software program and the memory to hold the information that is needed to run the program. The chip inside the CPU carries out instructions for the hardware to read and execute the instructions it has been given. The chip inside the CPU can only carry out instructions for the hardware, leaving the rest up to the input data and the output data stored in the secondary storage.

Computer Database Management. The third part of the personal computer software is the database management. The database management allows the central processing unit to save the information the computer needs to run the software programs. There are three types of database management: the desktop publishing system database management, the Microsoft Access database management, and the SQL server database management. The desktop publishing system database management is used to back up and restore the data in case of a disk failure; the Microsoft Access database management stores all the user information, while the SQL server database management backs up the data so the user can access it later.


Tablet Computer Learn More About A Computer

Tablet computers are becoming more popular. They have become so popular that they are out selling traditional computers. Tablet computers have many advantages over a normal computer. The best advantage a tablet computer has over a regular computer is the portability factor. They can be taken anywhere. Here we will learn about the various types of a tablet computer and how it works.

The first category of tablet computers is the touch screen tablet PC. These type of tablet personal computer have a touchscreen form factor and are ideal for people who want to use their tablet PC while traveling. They can be easily carried around in case of a trip to another place. They can also be used as an email reader, camera, browser, music player etc.

Another type of a tablet computer includes an ultra mobile touch screen device such as an Android tablet PC or an Apple iPhone mini. These type of tablet PCs are very small and so easy to carry around. They can be used like mobile phones. You can even surf the internet on them.

The third category of tablet computers includes the ultra portable or tablet PC or the iPad mini. The third category of a tablet computer includes an ultra mobile touch-based computing device such as an Android tablet computer or an Apple iPhone mini. This type of a tablet computer has a touchscreen form factor and is ideal for people who want to use their tablet PC while traveling. They can be easily carried around in case of a trip to another place. They can even surf the internet on them.

Fourthly, there are many third party applications or software that can be downloaded for tablets come. This tablet computer not only helps you to surf the internet but it also helps you to watch movies and listen to music. Many of these apps are exclusive software that came as freeware. But some of them may be sold as per the license agreement with the manufacturer of these tablets.

Fifthly, there are various other kinds of tablets including those that have wireless capability. The latest addition to the tablet PCs and tablets include Bluetooth and USB technologies. They make the transfer of data and content for these devices easy. The most popular tablets include the iPad mini, Android tablets, Blackberry tablets and Windows tablets.

When you purchase these types of tablets, the first thing that you have to take care of is the size of the screen. It is true that the size of the screen will directly affect the functionality and ease of use of the computing device. However, the manufacturers of the tablet is allow the users to adjust the size of the screen. The size of the screen and the resolution of the device to determine the depth of the viewing angle and the color tone of the device. There are different brands of tablet pc like Dell, HP, Sony, Apple and others. Each brand has its own form factor.

The fifth consideration before buying a tablet computer includes the input method. You can buy a device that has a touch screen or you can add a keyboard. Some of the latest models of tablet computers have a handwriting recognition facility. In addition to that, the thickness of the screen is also an important factor. The ideal thickness of this device is one inch or less. The latest tablets have screen sizes of ten and a half inches and this makes it easier to read and write on these devices.

The sixth consideration that people should make before buying a tablet PC is related to the processing power and the RAM of the gadget. There are many people who use their computing devices for web browsing and many people use their devices to browse the internet. These tablets have many applications such as word processing apps, Office apps and many more. A heavy-duty processor is required if you want to use these apps for long hours. On the other hand, if you are looking for games for your tablets, then you will have to look for a low-end processor.

The seventh consideration that you have to make is related to the operating system of the tablet computers. Many people prefer Apple applications for their devices as Apple is the major competitor in the field of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Therefore, if you buy a device from a manufacturer of Apple mobile applications, then it will be easier to access the apps that you want. However, there are some manufacturers of tablets who also produce Windows mobile applications. If you don’t like apple applications, then you can go for other operating systems such as Windows or Android.

Lastly, another important factor to consider is the screen size. If you want to use your device as a laptop computer, then you will have to ensure that the screen is large enough to display all of the content that you want to display on it. A small screen will not allow you to view everything that you want to view.